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Yeadon Westfield Junior School are winners!

They have won Best School in Leeds and Best School in Yorkshire to have changed their mode of travel to school at the Modeshift Stars Awards Ceremony. This is in recognition of their encouraging pupils to walk, scoot and cycle to school instead of coming in the car. They have now been entered for the National award, best school in England and are looking forward to attending the ceremony which takes place in April in London when they will visit the Houses of Parliament.

3 years ago

Christine’s excellence cooks up success

Christine Irvine has been awarded the Catering Leeds Excellence award for Leader of the Year.

The award recognised the way Christine has led her team to improve meal provision in school over the past 12 months as a key part of a whole school drive to create a good school food culture at Queensway.

In addition, to this work Christine has also been involved in the Free Friday Breakfast cooking programmes in the school and food related events such as the Harvest Soup days.

5 years ago