Aireborough Learning Partnership Trust


Codswallop CIC
Guiseley Theatre
The Green
LS20 9BT

Codswallop CIC first opened its doors on the 30th October 2013 to The Oddballs School of Theatrical Extravaganzas (now Oddballs Theatre Makers) under its former name, JP Productions. Within a year, Oddballs had expanded in to 2 groups, The Not Grown Up Club had completed its pilot scheme and Just Sing had exploded on to the scene. Then, on April 1st 2017, the company was re born, adopted the name CODSWALLOP CIC and gave new energy to it's work. Since then, Codswallop invested in Guiseley and Aireborough, making itself known and building a community of passionate singers, theatre makers and artists.

​CIC stands for Community Interest Company, which basically means we're here to do good! The government hold us accountable and makes sure we are maintaining or working towards our company aims.